Universal Rules

  1. Terms of Service. All users must abide by our ToS at all times. These rules are one part of the ToS.
  2. All users should act kind and courteous. This includes, but is not limited to: speaking respectfully to one another, respecting the staff, and in general, avoiding conflict whenever possible.
  3. If you need help, please contact one of our moderator team, or one of the admins if a moderator is unavailable.
  4. Follow instructions given by the mods. Our mods are in charge of keeping order in the forums. If you need clarification or don't understand the problem, contact the mod privately.
  5. You must be 13 years old or older to register an account on YayDigis.net.
  6. User profiles and pet profiles must be free of offensive material. Please keep more mature topics in your gingerbread cottage or roleplay threads with the use of appropriate [M] and spoiler tags.
  7. Do not knowingly exploit bugs. Please report them in the bug reports or contact a coder or administrator if you find an immediate breach in obtaining items or currency unfairly.
  8. Please contact any staff member with any questions, concerns or comments about the site. We encourage you to be open and honest about how you feel and strive to improve anything we can.

NOTE: We reserve the right to add/remove rules as we deem this necessary.


  • Anything illegal under United States Law
  • Plagiarism
  • Incitement or encouragement of abuse, self-harm, or violent/sexually explicit content
  • Intolerance or derogatory slurs towards races, religions, genders, sexes, personal identity, or disability
  • Bullying

Forum Rules

  1. Double Posting is for organizational posts only. A "double post" is any two consecutive posts within a single thread. Keep in mind:
    • "Edit" - allows you to modify any and all old posts.
    • "Bump" - will send your thread to the very top of the forum.
  2. The use of profanity is a privilege. Yes, we allow profanity; however, its usage must be completely inoffensive. (Profane adjectives are for inanimate objects, not people.)
  3. Keep it PG-13. There may be younger users on the site. If you are worried about what might or might not be allowed, use the spoiler tag or contact a moderator.
  4. Tricks will not gain you more GCC, so please do not try. This includes: copying and pasting entire works unrelated to Digis (poetry, fanfiction), padding your posts with miscellaneous characters/text, copying and pasting information you've already posted elsewhere (Digi profiles), so on, and so forth.

Many of the forums have specific rules listed within. Be sure to read these prior to posting!